Common applications of hard chrome:

◦ Automotive:  piston rings ,strut rods, brake pistons, crankcase, camshaft and other parts that meet high cycle for long periods of time are  coated with hard chrome  to grant durability and lubricity.

◦ Firearms: Commercial firearm components, including barrel ID

◦ Aerospace: The components of hydraulic actuators and / or pneumatic, parts of the flight control system are chromed to reduce wear and to extend its useful life.

◦ Machinery: Rolls of all types (including mining equipment), hydraulic cylinders and pistons are chromed to prolong life and improve performance.

◦ Recovery: Hard Chrome can be used to restore worn parts to their original condition or to restore the dimensions of undersized parts due to machine out of tolerance

◦ Molds for plastic: The Hard chrome provides non-stick properties and corrosion resistance.